Go analog (revisited)
Photo: John Moeses Bauan (Unsplash)

Go analog (revisited)

The digital world is based on the word “bit”. Although inoffensive as the word “bit” might seem, it is a contraction of “binary digit”. I have no issues with the “digit” part, is the “binary” that worries me.

Binary means…

Binary means yes/no, on/off, true/false, binary means 1 (one) or 0 (zero). So basically every bit is an answer for a question that only has two possibilities. In case you want to answer a more complex question, you need to put together several bits.

An example of these combinations is: the word “Love” in binary looks like this: 01101100 01101111 01110110 01100101 libido-portugal.com. So, you can imagine the number crunching power that mankind needed to develop to translate to the digital world all the pictures, movies, maps.

The digital world helps us store and communicate in a very practical way most of the events that happen during our lives, digital is perfect for transactions.

What about analog?

The analogical world has more room for mistakes, and this means room for understanding, room for appreciation, admiration or even forgiveness. This is the world of the “could” or “might” instead of the “will” or “must”.

Digital is based in the world of “Order”, laws, causality, on the other hand “Chaos” is defined by the unexpected, what we don´t understand yet, the weather forecast fails, unexplained healing and the way love grows. “Chaos” lives in the analogical world. Artificial Intelligence no matter how intelligent still does not cope well with it.

A piece of advice

In these moments of digital transformation my advice is: don’t go fully digital, let the digital handle your transactions. But to really navigate this VUCA world you need to keep one part of your thinking, your processes and your interactions analogical. Intuition is how our brain performs certain situation analisis and we still do not understand how.

Having the right proportion of digital and analog will make you feel more comfortable and efficient, with a broader understanding of your environment.