More and more people prefer HR Bots to employee self-service.

More and more people prefer HR Bots to employee self-service.

By Daniel Laya.

We prioritize social to individual acts. This is the main reason more people prefer HR bots to employee self-service platforms that take you through endless menus, buttons and links.

We are social beings

In our working environments collaboration has been the key since early times, but with the digital age everything spins around it. As Yuval Harari states: The Sapiens secret of success is large scale flexible cooperation

We are social beings: since Aristotle made his famous statement, not many people have argued against it. Being social along with language gave us the competitive advantage we needed as a specie to survive. We solve problems faster thanks to our bigger technology enabled networks, Peter Hinssen’s statement: The network always wins, has became common sense.

Chat made us ultra-social

As socialization became not only restricted to connecting to the people who sit next to you but included people who were thousands of miles away, live chat was picked as our main daily interface to connect.

It is not surprising then that as employees we prefer to “chat” with the Human Resources Chatbot (HR bots) in our organizations instead of using the employee self service portal to handle our transactions and concerns. Even if we are fully aware that we are not talking to a human being, we prefer conversation-like interactions. Why? it is what we do the whole day with our colleagues, we do not need training to do it.

In comparison, when you are going to use a Human Resources platform (like Workday or SAP’s Success Factorsfor the first time, all the pressure is on you:

  • Will I find what I am looking for?
  • Am I doing it right?
  • Do I really need to go through a video to learn this?
  • I don’t have time for this.

The result is that people avoid using them. Most of my friends who are leading HR functions around the world have had similar problems in the last few years: “We invested in a platform, and it is costing sooo much for people to use it”.

Chat is stress free and customer centered

More people prefer to chat, chatting is a stress free interaction, you make the questions and expect the answers. A successful chatbot is going to respond to your need, focused completely on you. So, as marketeers would say, it is fully customer centric (internal customer of course).

On top of that you do not need to follow a linear approach when talking to a chatbot. Therefore you can change your mind anytime, and make a completely different request right away. The main difference with human conversations is that the chatbot will not feel offended by your volatility.

More people prefer HR bots to employee self-service

This is the end of the platform as we know it. We are already using chats to order our pizza really quick instead of waiting on the phone for someone to take our call in peak hours. So, we might as well use a chatbot to ask for your holidays or for development options and use that time to coordinate better with your team or even send a message to one of your loved ones.

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