SME Recruitment Chatbot

Our HR Chatbots interview and pre-select the people who apply for vacancies in your organization so that you only have to interview those who best suit your needs.

Recruitment Chatbot

Interview candidates: asking questions that you would ask them in a telephone interview. 

Support the candidates: by answering their most frequent asked questions about the process. 

Reports: allowing to filter all the postulates to generate a manageable group to start the interview process. 

Candidates visibility

The reports will allow you to have an overview of the candidates at all times.

Tailor made plans

Designed according to the needs of your business, without any setup fee or commitment to stay subscribed.
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Startup pricing
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Chatbots for training, onboarding and more...

Customized chatbots to support your Human Resources processes and development needs.
Ben: Onboarding
Ava: Performance Management
Mar-Ta: Outplacement
Carlota: Training & Development

Recent experiences

Organizations from different parts of the world are getting the competitive edge in Human Resources.