Don’t press accept

Don’t press accept

The challenge of artificial intelligence in the workplace.

The year is 2030…

Lisa, a Talent Acquisition Executive in a global company wants to recruit a new team member for the Social Selling department, so she uses the latest technology to screen automatically thousands of Video CVs around the world. After this she sends chatbots to contact the top 1000 candidates to hold initial talks about their intentions to move, career and salary aspirations and of course gather more information about skills and interests.

The minute she gets the chatbots’s report, Lisa decides to activate video interview invitations for the top 100 candidates, where speech analysis and facial emotion recognition can create a detailed profile of the aspirants and define a ranked top ten list.

Now that Lisa could decide who to interview, but in this list one person has already been highlighted by the system as “the best fit”. And next to the candidate’s name there is an “Accept” button.

Lisa has been quite busy lately, with lots of priorities to manage. She is very short on time and needs the new team member to join the organization right away. Usually what the IA platform for recruitment recommends is just right.

So, as she always does, Lisa presses the “Accept” button.

And hire the recommended candidate from the list without further assessment or even contacting the person.

How did we get here?

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