Artificial Intelligence in HR – Interview with Daniel Laya

Artificial Intelligence in HR – Interview with Daniel Laya

This interview is part of Top Employers Institute’s Develop Always podcast. In this chapter Magdalena Kusik interviews Daniel Laya to talk about Artificial Intelligence in HR.

Daniel discusses how HR processes are implemented in a chatbot, what value it brings to HR and not to forget the ROI it delivers to the function. He also answers the question of how we can build AI without losing control over it.

Click in the soundcloud link to hear the podcast:

To make things easier for you, here you have the index of the main questions Daniel answered during the interview:

What is a chatbot? 1:40

Why are we making chatbots for human resources departments? 3:20

What type of chatbots have we designed? 7:50

How do we test our chatbots? 11:30

What needs are covered by chatbots in organizations? 13:42

Are chatbots more fit for millennials? 16:00

How do we build Artificial Intelligence without losing control? 17:50

How to calculate ROI on HR chatbots? 22:50

How will chatbots change the future of HR? 26:00

What brought you to AI? 29:00

What books have you read lately? 32:50

During the podcast Daniel recommends the following book:
“The Future of the Professions: How Technology Will Transform the Work of Human Experts” by Daniel Susskind and Richard Susskind…s/9200000048121212/

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